Miranda Esmonde-White

Miranda Esmonde-White is one of America's greatest advocates and educators on healthy aging. She is best known for her PBS fitness show Classical Stretch, which has been on the air since 1999. A former ballerina, she designed the Essentrics technique, which uses low-intensity strength and stretch exercises to relieve pain, prevent injury, and slenderize the body. Esmonde-White works with professional and Olympic athletes and celebrities, and teaches classes to thousands of students worldwide each year.

Books by Miranda Esmonde-White

Aging Backwards

Aging Backwards

Reverse the Aging Process and Look 10 Years Younger in 30 Minutes a Day

A guide to understanding how aging occurs—through cell damage and muscular atrophy—Aging Backwards gives readers indispensable tools for repairing and preventing cell damage to reverse the aging process and maintain health and vibrancy. Author Miranda Esmonde-White, creator of The Esmonde Technique, shows how lifestyle factors impact…  More »