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True to Form

How to Use Foundation Training for Sustained Pain Relief and Everyday Fitness

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About the Book

Stretch. Strengthen. Breathe. The foundation of a pain-free life starts here.

Hunching all day at a keyboard, tilting our heads forward over our phones, commuting long hours, slouching on the couch—our sedentary lifestyle has led to an epidemic of chronic pain. The consequences are poor postures that throw our bodies out of balance, causing the unnecessary stress and strain that compromise our joints, restrict organ function, and weaken our muscles. How we live in our bodies is fundamental to our overall wellness. The good news is that we all hold the key to a healthier body.

Dr. Eric Goodman has spent years studying human physiology and movement, and has helped people of all ages and occupations heal and correct lifelong debilitating pain. Called Foundation Training, his practical program trains the posterior chain muscles—shoulders, back, butt, and legs—shifting the burden of support to where it belongs: the large muscle groups.

The secret to Foundation Training lies in its simplicity: no gyms, no specialized equipment, no complicated stretches. By incorporating a series of powerful movements into your daily routine, you can move better, breathe better, and get back to using your body the way nature intended.

True to Form shows readers how to integrate Foundation Training successfully into everyday life—from playing with the kids to washing dishes to long hours in the office—transforming ordinary physical actions into active and mindful movements that help to eliminate pain, boost your energy, and strengthen your body. By harnessing the body’s natural movement patterns, you can be fit, healthy, and pain-free for good.

About the Author

Eric Goodman

Photo of Eric Goodman

Dr. Eric Goodman is the creator of Foundation Training and the author of Foundation. A graduate of the University of Central Florida, with a bachelor’s in health sciences and physiology, he earned his doctor of chiropractic at Southern California University of Health Sciences. When he’s not traveling around the country to teach Foundation Training, Dr. Goodman lives in Santa Barbara, California.


“Foundation Training exercises are the answer to my many years of research on the negative effects of sitting.” —Dr. Joan Vernikos, former NASA director of life sciences and author of Sitting Kills, Moving Heals

“Like so many people who have found relief with Foundation Training, I am grateful for the healing.” —Chris Hemsworth, actor

“Foundation Training has been one of the most impactful additions to my career. The exercises are easy to learn, difficult to hold, and worth every minute of practice. Foundation Training should be a requirement for everyone.” —Chad Reed, TwoTwo Motorsports, Winner of Numerous Motocross and Supercross World Championships

“Foundation Training may offer the best of all worlds in terms of building a strong core, eliminating back pain, and promoting optimal health that goes beyond fitness.” —Joseph Mercola, New York Times bestselling author Joseph Mercola, New York Times bestselling author

“Practicing Foundation Training has been one of the most critical decisions of my surfing career. I had recurring lower back problems when I was younger, but since starting Foundation Training, my flexibility and stability are both the best they have ever been” —Lakey Peterson, women’s surfing champion

“After thirty tough years of service in the Army Airborne and Rangers, I was told by six different spinal surgeons that spinal fusion was my only option. And then I discovered Foundation Training. If only I had this marvelous tool on active duty.” —Colonel William C. Ohl II

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