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    Mar 24, 2015
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The 20-Minute Body

20 Minutes, 20 Days, 20 Inches

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About the Book

Less time. More results.

It seems like diet and fitness experts keep upping the ante—asking us to push ourselves harder than ever to get results. From cleansing and fasting to extreme, time-consuming workouts—since when did getting healthy become a full-time job?

From his days as a trainer on The Biggest Loser, Brett Hoebel knows firsthand the struggles people face when it comes to weight loss—including lack of time. In The 20-Minute Body, he shares a revolutionary plan for weight loss based on the latest science of fitness, which shows us that the most effective way to burn fat and lose inches is to have a well-rounded diet and work out in short, efficient bursts.

Brett identifies the biggest myths surrounding weight loss. First, that the best way to work out is to log lots of cardio hours. False. Recent studies prove that long cardio workouts are not effective: short sessions of high-intensity exercise burn more fat and build more muscle. When you train this way, you build metabolic muscle—lean muscle mass that helps your body burn calories even at rest. Metabolic muscle is the secret to a fast metabolism.

Brett also debunks the myth that counting calories and cutting carbohydrates are effective ways to lose weight. Super-restrictive, low-calorie diets backfire and actually cause the body to store fat, not burn it. And carbs? Contrary to what most people think, carbs aren't evil. In fact, they are your body's favorite source of energy. It's not about giving up carbs—it's about choosing the right ones.

With three different diet and fitness levels, a variety of high-intensity workouts, and delicious recipes that take 20 minutes or less to prepare, The 20-Minute Body is a full lifestyle plan for getting healthy and losing weight. Give Brett 20 days, and he will give you back your body—minus 20 inches.

About the Author

Brett Hoebel

Photo of Brett Hoebel

Brett Hoebel is a fitness expert, a former trainer on The Biggest Loser, and founder of Hoebel Fitness. A 15-year veteran in the fitness industry, Brett has shaped up Hollywood's finest, from Victoria's Secret supermodels to A-list actors. He appears frequently on The Dr. Oz Show, The Talk, The View, and Today, and is a contributing fitness expert for various publications, including Fitness, Self, Women's Health, Vogue, and Shape.


“It’s a challenge to stay consistent in fitness with a very busy schedule between my family and career, but these short 20-minute workouts get real results. And Brett’s recipes are a pleasant surprise -- they go far beyond ‘trainer food!’” —Donatella Arpaia, Iron Chef judge, restaurateur, and author of Donatella Cooks

“In The 20-Minute Body, Brett Hoebel shows you how to workout smarter, minimize kitchen time, and mentally prepare yourself for long-term fat loss success. This intelligently designed, easy-to-implement plan to become lean, fit, and healthy blows that time excuse out the window!” —JJ Virgin, bestselling author of The Virgin Diet and Sugar Impact Diet

“What I have always respected about Brett’s approach is it’s realistic. He gets people results in the least amount of time possible. Most importantly, this program is do-able: simple, fun, rewarding and effective.” —Chalene Johnson, bestselling author of Push and creator of Turbo Fire, Turbo Jam, PiYo, and Hustle

“Brett’s guidance and knowledge of the human body not only helped me achieve my weight loss gave me the tools I needed to keep the weight off. Four years later I’m still maintaining my weight loss & Brett’s stamp on my life remains evident in the continued results.” —Olivia Ward, winner of The Biggest Loser, Season 11

“What is so unique and powerful about Brett is his ability to reach folks with his knowledge, dedication and empathy. The 20 Minute Body is a must-read for all of us who want to live our best life!” —Partha Nandi, MD FACP, Host and Founder, Ask Dr Nandi

“You know why I like Brett Hoebel? Because he thinks like I do. Brett’s program is unique, effective, and gets down to the root of the issues many people have with exercise. He covers all the essential elements to creating long-lasting health, energy and success.” —Tony Horton, Creator of P90X and author of The Big Picture

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