Grape, Olive, Pig

Deep Travels Through Spain’s Food Culture

Matt Goulding


The author of the critically acclaimed Rice, Noodle, Fish (“If this is the future of food writing, I love it” —Tim Hayward, Financial Times) now celebrates the delectable and sensuous culture and cuisine of Spain with this beautifully illustrated, masterfully narrated travel guide.

Written with the same evocative voice of the award-winning magazine Roads & Kingdoms, Grape, Olive, Pig takes you through the key regions of Spain as you’ve never before seen them. Matt Goulding offers an intimate portrait of his adoptive home—from the barnacle hunters of Galicia to the shepherds of Andalusia, Spain’s remarkable people and its incomparable cuisine are gloriously
introduced for all to experience. Fall in love with Barcelona’s tiny tapas bars and modernist culinary temples. Explore the movable feast of small plates and late nights in Madrid. Join the three-thousand-year-old hunt for bluefin tuna off the coast of Cádiz. Delight in the avant-garde creations of the Basque Country, and then wash them down with cider from neighboring Asturias. Sample the world’s finest acorn-fed ham in Salamanca, share in the traditions of cave-dwelling shepherds in the mountains beyond Granada, and debate what constitutes truly authentic paella in Valencia.

Grape, Olive, Pig reveals hidden gems and enduring traditions from across this extraordinary country, contextualizing each meal with a cultural narrative complemented by stunning color photography. The result is a powerful addition to Roads & Kingdoms’ series of guidebooks for food-obsessed travelers.


Matt Goulding

Matt Goulding is editor and cofounder of Roads & Kingdoms, the former food editor of Men’s Health, and the coauthor of the New York Times bestselling series Eat This, Not That! He is a James Beard Award winner and has also written for Harper’s Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Food & Wine Magazine, and Time magazine. He divides his time between the tapas bars of Barcelona and the barbecue pits of North Carolina.