The Art of Fear

Why Conquering Fear Won’t Work and What to Do Instead

Kristen Ulmer

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    June 13, 2017
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In this conversation-changing book, a former professional extreme skier revolutionizes our understanding of fear and provides the tools we need to build a healthy relationship with this complex emotion—and use it as a positive force in our lives.

We all feel fear. Yet we are often told to ignore it, overcome it, push past it. But to what benefit? This is the essential question that guides Kristen Ulmer's remarkable exploration in The Art of Fear.

Once recognized as the best extreme skier in the world (a title she held for twelve years), Ulmer knows this emotion well. She argues that fear is not inherently detrimental to our mental health—in fact, the only true issue we face is our reaction to fear (not the fear itself).

Rebuilding our understanding of fear from the ground up, Ulmer begins by unpacking fear and the human experience, exploring the function of the Lizard Brain and how that primordial self has evolved to meet (or not) modern society. In this context, fear becomes just one of 10,000 voices in our mind, and one to honor alongside joy, love, gratitude, and our many other emotions. Introducing a mindfulness exercise called "Shift," Ulmer teaches us how to access fear and begin transforming our relationship to this challenging emotion.

Informed by her own complicated relationship with fear and her insights as a Zen Mindset facilitator, The Art of Fear will change the way we think about fear and help us use it to improve our lives.


Kristen Ulmer

Kristen Ulmer
Photo by Meaghan M Golden