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    Mar 1, 2016
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Eat Dirt

Why Leaky Gut May Be the Root Cause of Your Health Problems and 5 Surprising Steps to Cure It

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About the Book

In recent decades, modern “improvements” to our lifestyle and food supply have come with a cost: our health. From pesticides in our soil to the refrigeration and pasteurization of our food to an overreliance on antibiotics and a preoccupation with sanitizing everything in sight, our desire to be clean is actually putting us at risk for a host of chronic illnesses.

That’s because as we’ve shifted our focus to living a germ-free life, our bodies—specifically, our digestive systems—have taken a hit. Starved of actual nutrition, fed toxic levels of processed foods, and overtaxed by chemicals, stress, and excessive antimicrobial use, we’ve developed microscopic tears in our intestinal walls, leading to the widespread inflammation and weakened immunity that characterize a condition known as “leaky gut syndrome.”

In Eat Dirt, functional medicine practitioner Dr. Josh Axe explains the hidden causes and widespread effects of leaky gut syndrome, a condition that is thought to be ground zero for many of the country’s most confounding health crises—including allergies, asthma, food sensitivities, diabetes, digestive diseases, arthritis, thyroid conditions, and even frustratingly difficult-to-treat conditions such as chronic fatigue and autism.

Dr. Axe explains that 70 percent of our immune system is located in the gut—when it’s under attack, our health suffers. In leaky gut syndrome, a number of factors—including insufficient exposure to“dirt”—leads to the breakdown of the intestinal wall, allowing food, bacteria, and toxins to seep into the bloodstream. In Eat Dirt, Dr. Axe reveals that the solution, while counterintuitive, is almost effortless: we just need to welcome a little more “dirt” back into our lives.

From ditching hand sanitizers, using essential oils for personal products, reducing antibiotic use, and consuming local honey to spending more time outside, eating seasonally, managing stress, and incorporating probiotic-rich foods into our diets, Dr. Axe provides specific guidance to help everyone get a little “dirty.”

Advance Praise for Eat Dirt

“Our understanding of what really threatens human health is undergoing a revolution, and Eat Dirt magnificently describes this paradigm shift. Dr. Axe’s compassionate guidance, centered on reestablishing healthy gut bacteria, is in line with our most respected and forward-thinking medical research. Read this book and open the door to lifelong health.”—David Perlmutter, MD, author of the #1 New York Times Bestseller Grain Brain

Eat Dirt is a proven way to address the root cause of all disease. The first step to healing yourself is healing your gut. Using the science of ‘microexposures,’ Dr. Axe gives us a simple-to-follow guide on the five steps to repair a damaged gut and overcome a range of issues, from autoimmune disease to chronic inflammation. If you’re ready to learn some cutting-edge concepts and take back your health, this book is for you.”—Mark Hyman, MD, bestselling author of The Blood Sugar Solution

“If you’re struggling with a chronic illness like digestive problems, autoimmune disease, or adrenal and thyroid conditions, this book can change your life. Dr. Axe lays out an easy-to-follow plan for addressing the root cause of disease where it starts—in the gut. His natural prescriptions using plant-based medicine, a gut-friendly diet, and exposing yourself to good microbes to build your microbiome are cutting-edge techniques that can help you experience a health breakthrough.”—Sara Gottfried, MD, bestselling author of The Hormone Reset Diet and The Hormone Cure

“There is a beautiful course correction afoot—scientific research is reminding us of our inner and outer ecology and our inextricable union with the natural world. In Eat Dirt, Dr. Axe deconstructs the myth behind our war against germs, sheds light on why and how we are sick, and honors the ancient wisdom of healing that starts with the gut.”—Kelly Brogan, MD, ABIHM, author of A Mind of Your Own

“Years of oversanitation have left us vulnerable to the modern world’s most dangerous infections. In this practical guide, Dr. Axe helps us see the direct links between our nation’s obsession with cleanliness and the epidemics of leaky gut and autoimmune conditions. Dr. Axe combines cutting-edge science and the ancient practice of natural immunization into a plan that reduces inflammation and chronic pain, promotes weight loss, and increases energy and vitality. You’ll love this fun, counterintuitive strategy to achieve optimal health: Get dirty!”—JJ Virgin, bestselling author of The Sugar Impact Diet

About the Author

Dr. Josh Axe

Photo of Dr. Josh Axe

Dr. Josh Axe is a doctor of natural medicine and a clinical nutritionist with a passion to help people get healthy by using food as medicine. He founded one of the largest functional medicine clinics in the United States and runs the popular health website, where you can find recipes, natural remedies, videos, nutrition advice, and fitness tips. Dr. Axe is a board-certified doctor of natural medicine (DNM), earned his doctorate in chiropractic at Palmer College (DC), and is a certified nutrition specialist (CNS) from the American College of Nutrition. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee, with his wife, Chelsea.

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