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The Makeup of a Confident Woman

The Science of Beauty, the Gift of Time, and the Power of Putting Your Best Face Forward

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Do you wonder what it would be like to have total beauty security every day?

You know that if you liked what you saw in the mirror, you’d feel good, have more confidence, and effortlessly get more of what you want out of life.

You’ve come to the right place.

In The Makeup of a Confident Woman, internationally renowned makeup artist and trailblazing entrepreneur Trish McEvoy compiles wisdom that goes beyond basic step-by-step makeup lessons to reveal her revolutionary system, which has transformed thousands of women of all ages and in all stages of their lives. In her signature style, which speaks to the everywoman, she shows you the power of beauty security and gives you the practical tools for cultivating a calm, confident mind-set. After all, confidence is beautiful.

Those minutes in front of the mirror are about so much more than putting your face on—they are about taking time back for yourself and channeling your inner confidence to take on the day. With Trish’s help, even the most time-starved woman can achieve total beauty security and enjoy lasting, monumental results.

With tips and strategies to positively change your attitude from the outside in, The Makeup of a Confident Woman is the inspirational, persuasive, not-to-be-missed guide to navigating life with abundant self-assurance and learning how to put your best face forward—every single day.

About the Authors

Trish McEvoy

Trish McEvoy has been teaching the transformative power of makeup to women around the world for more than thirty years as the founder of her own internationally renowned independent beauty brand, Trish McEvoy, Ltd. A pioneer in the beauty industry, she is the recipient of numerous awards and honors for her work, innovations, and contributions. She travels the world teaching women that the path to personal fulfillment, more success in life, and total beauty confidence can begin with the gift of time to put on makeup. She is the author of The Power of Makeup: Looking Your Level Best at Every Age and has shared her mastery on numerous network television programs, including Oprah, Today, Larry King Live, and Good Morning America, where she served as the beauty expert in residence.

Kristin Loberg

Kristin Loberg has written multiple New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestsellers, including Dr. Kelly Brogan’s A Mind of Your Own, Dr. David B. Agus’s The Lucky Years, and Dr. David Perlmutter’s Grain Brain.

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