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How to Think Like a Cat

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This delightful, internationally bestselling guide is a coda for living the good life . . . just like a cat.

The Cat is calm, observant, charismatic, independent, proud, joyful; he knows how to strut and is impervious to judgement; he accepts himself as he is and adapts quickly. The Cat knows to say nothing and to avoid conflicts and yet he knows exactly what he wants and dares to ask for it. . . . The cat is free.

After observing his cat, Ziggy, for years, Stephane Garnier decides he would be much happier living more like Ziggy than his human self. Closer observation convinced him cats have life down to an art form and he set out to share Ziggy's je ne sais quoi with the world. Highlighting forty trademark cat qualities that are (almost) entirely applicable to human daily living, Garnier's insights are surprisingly and delightfully useful. Whether at work, at home, or in your social life, cats can teach you how to resist stress, remain independent, never lose your charisma, and quietly influence the world around you.

Peppered throughout the book are tips for living a day in the life of a cat; and includes a Q&A to test your "cat quotient" to see how much work you have to do learn the subtle art of living like a feline.