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Meet the Author: Stéphane Garnier

Author Bio and Details

Stéphane Garnier is an author of novels, essays, news stories, and humor, and a concept developer, chronicler, and lyricist. His other talents and experience include: sound engineer, carpenter, website developer, ergonomic thinker, car salesman, communications professional, handyman at an oceanographic station, signer, accountant, parcel sorter, hotel manager, database builder, musk salesman, internet R&D specialist, project manager, real estate agent, barista and ash-tray emptier, blogger, president of a logo design company, step-father (yes, it’s a profession), poet, microphoto mosaic portraitist, and powerful observer of the human experience. He lives in Lyon, France.

Books by Stéphane Garnier

How to Think Like a Cat

Book cover image: How to Think Like a Cat | International Bestseller

Inspired by the enchanting attributes of the author's own cat, Ziggy, this internationally bestselling guide shows you how to live your best life. Peppered with humorous yet inspiring tips for living a day in the life of a cat, secret tips from Ziggy, and a quiz to assess your "cat quotient," How to Think Like a Cat is a delightful and remarkably insightful guide to the subtle art of…  More »